Wednesday, December 14, 2005

First Blogpost

So today I was sitting at my desk bored, and having written 100 thank you notes, I thought, "I should start a blog, I wonder if ahavatcafe is a taken name." That's how this blog was born.

One reason this particular blogname came to my mind was the recent set of etiquette laws the city passed for behavior on the MTA. I am still incensed by the fact that I can get fined $75 for drinking coffee from an open container on the train in the morning. I understand that people are sick of having coffee "spilled on their suits" and that hot beverages can hurt someone if spilled, but let me tell you, I am also capable of hurting someone when I'm bugged before I've had my caffeine fix.

This infringement of my beverage rights has turned me into a nut. I enjoyed the challenge of balancing my new yorker, my coffee, and my huge purse while clutching for a pole (I'm too short for the top bar) and trying to keep myself together on the train.

I remember when the city banned smoking in bars. Every smoker around threw a fit because their lives were inconvenienced. I would see smokers and think "Pick your battles, get over yourself." Now, I kinda get it? I want my coffee on the train.

On a more serious note though, these laws are extremely genteel and unnecessary. This city's trend of policing politeness is just absurd. Also, its a sad thing if the city is so desperate for money that it has to generate laws that are easy to break so it can make some moolah. For instance, you can now receive fines for: leaving your bag on a seat, sitting with your legs in the way of someone else's space, and sitting with your legs so wide they block another seat. This is so even when they train is empty. There are going to be some unsuspecting grandmas and passed out people who are going to get fined and get pissed.

Switching gears, now that you get a sense of how I think, and the kind of stuff that get's me going, you're probably wondering who I am. Well, I am a 23 year old fundraising professional, who is Jewish, and loves coffee, music, ethnic food, silly lifetime movies, new york city, public policy, and chatting. That's enough for now.

Actually, ironically enough smokers were the most vehement supporters of the ban on smoking in NY bars. And people who drink coffee on the subway suck
I get around this by drinking from a cup that closes. That is, a Starbucks cup with a lid or an insulated coffee cup.

Glad to have found your blog!
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